Review of "The Gift" Album

by Mick Sinclair

©Sounds - March 1982

Paul Weller writes and composes because he is a natural social commentator, a talented musician and emotionally articulate ...

This is a classic album opening slab of intense power and verve ... Real power pop ... The only real disappointment is with ´Just Who Is The 5 o´Clock Hero´ ... A bit like a bottom heavy Stax-soul mix is ´Trans-Global Express´, a swashbuckling rhythmic jamboree ... At strategic points the whole thing melts into a rising tide of multiple repeat echo ...

THE GIFT is another brilliant Jam album. It will be proclaimed a masterpiece. It will be something for people in the Biz to clink cocktail glasses over. It will be bought in droves and treasured by fans.

Thousands will hear it but how many will actually listen.