The Jam Live At The 100 Club, London - 11 September 1977


01. Intro/Change My Address
02. Carnaby Street
03. The Modern World
04. Time For Truth
05. So Sad About Us
06. London Girl
07. In The Streets Today
08. Standards
09. All Around The World
10. London Traffic
11. Heatwave
12. Slow Down
13. In The Midnight Hour
14. Sounds From The Street
15. Takin My Love
16. Outro

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1 Comment on “The Jam Live At The 100 Club, London – 11 September 1977

  1. It was heaving. Must’ve been way over capacity. They were awesome. Tight as arseholes and Foxton was mesmerising. Sweat everywhere. I went with a journalist from a German magazine called ‘popfoto’, she stayed at the back, I went to the front. I was 17. She had tickets to the after gig junket at some posh burger restaurant on the corner of Brompton Road and Knightsbridge. They came out and went round the tables chatting. We got Bruce. I was tongue-tied, just a kid, sat there with my mouth open like a wally.

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