The Jam Live At The Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA - 21 April 1979

Review by Gary Page

I was a HUGE Jam fan after "All Mod Cons" appeared and had bought the import version of "Setting Sons" as soon as it came out because it wasn't going to be released for a while in the U.S. I thought the album was fantastic and eagerly awaited the tour that was going to support the L.P.

Well, when I heard about the show I immediately got a ticket, waited with anticipation for the night of the concert, and then got myself to the theater. And that night I was totally blown away by the entire experience.

I can't remember if there was an opening band for the Jam (for some reason I don't think there was), but I remember the show Paul and the guys put on QUITE vividly. I had been to other concerts by rock favs of mine such as The Who, the Kinks, the Clash, XTC, the Dead Boys, etc., but this show was EASILY ten times better than anything that Townshend or Strummer tried to do on stage. It was mainly due to the intensity of the playing. The anger and passion in Weller's voice and playing poured out in buckets.


There is known to be a recording of this gig. Hopefully, someone can put it up on YouTube at some point so I can link it to this page.


All Mod Cons > To Be Someone
In The Streets Today
Billy Hunt
It's Too Bad
Mr Clean
The Butterfly Collector
Away From The Numbers
Strange Town
The Modern World
Down In The Tubestation At Midnight
News Of The World
Here Comes The Weekend
'a' Bomb In Wardour Street
The Place I Love

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2 Comments on “The Jam Live At The Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA – 21 April 1979

  1. I was there, just 14 but a big fan. There were two completely incongruous opening acts: George Thorogood and Dwight Twilley. I remember A bomb was the end of the set, but could be wrong. I remember the audience tearing apart seats and throwing them on stage.

  2. Dwight Twilley opened for them.
    I sat on the side in the balcony, I was amazed at watching those lovely red velvet seats being torn out of their holders and being tossed about.

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