The Jam Live At The Pavilion Balta, Paris, France - 26 February 1981

David Watts
Private Hell
The Butterfly Collector
But I'm Different Now
When You're Young
Eton Rifles

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1 Comment on “The Jam Live At The Pavillion Balta, Paris, France – 26 February 1981

  1. Hi I was at this gig we travelled with the official Jam fan club great day meeting mods and jam fans from all over uk all at the soundcheck before the gig the gig itself was fantastic there was a lot of trouble with French skinheads attacking the English fans Weller was on great form stopping the gig during Dreamtime
    and slagging the guilty parties off and getting them removed after that he was electric every track magic he tied a union jack flag to his microphone in defiance of the trouble makers at the end of the gig before Paul departed the stage I shouted for him to give me the flag and I am 59 years old next month and I still have that flag stored away with the rest of my jam memorabilia great day great gig great band

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