The Jam Live The Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, Canada - 05 June 1982

Review by Darren Cranwell

Saw the Jam for the third and last time when they performed in front of about 300 Vancouverites. I had just moved to Canada from England and at the time thought I would never see The Jam live again. I was obviously delighted to find out that they were following me across the globe to Vancouver.

It was the time of "The Gift" album and I'll never forget the rendition of "Precious" that the boys put over. Not much excitement from the crowd as most of them had never heard of The Jam. Paul gave them crap several times for their lack of liveliness.

A great night, a long way from home!

In the words of Tears for Fears "Kick out the Style and bring back the Jam"



There is known to be a recording of this gig. Hopefully, someone can put it up on YouTube at some point so I can link it to this page.

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